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Essential Oil Soaps

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The best that almond can be.  A great, true scent.

Price  $ 5.00
Baby Lavender Soap

Your skin may not be as new as baby's, but you can treat it as delicately as baby's with this luxury soap made to be gentle enough for tiny bottoms. 


Price  $ 5.00
Honey Oatmeal

Our best soap cake for chronically dry skin. We can't make claims about the "medicinal" value of our soap, but we can tell you that our customers with dermatological conditions like eczema and  dry skin LOVE this all natural soap with real honey and ground oatmeal.

Price  $ 5.00
Just Plain Goat's Milk Soap

Great all purpose, unscented, plain colored bar of skin loving, goat's milk soap.


Price  $ 5.00
Just Plain Soap

Unscented, all natural. For the purest in us all. Don't let the value fool you, this is our regular 4oz bar of soap.

Price  $ 5.00

This is one of our most popular soap cakes.  We use lavender essentail oil as well as the aromatic bud of the plant in this all natural creation.  It really is a beautiful bar of soap, but if the lavender buds aren't your thing, try our Olive Oil Baby Lavender soap.  Specially blended for little bottoms, but pleasing regardless of the size of your bottom .


Price  $ 5.00
Mechanic's Soap

Serious scrub for serious dirt, whether you re a mechanic or not.

Price  $ 5.00
Muscle Relief

An essential oil blend meant to relieve the body and mind .This non-medicated soap is a blend of essentail oils, with eucalyptus being the most notable scent.  Take a bath with this one and clear the head as you refresh the body. 

Price  $ 5.00
Earthy, clean scent. The infamous smell of the 60's. Perfect for the hippie in your life.
Price  $ 5.00
Peppermint Rosemary
A gentle, refreshing, wake-me-up scent. This combination was a pleasant accident.  A blend of bright peppermint, cleasing spearmint and earthy rosemary essential oils that is as pleasing as it is surprising.
Price  $ 5.00
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