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Q: These aren't lye soap like grandma's are they?
A: Yes and No.  Grandma used lye or wood ash and so do we. You can't get soap without it.  Grandma probably used animal fat and we DO NOT!  We only use vegetable based oils.  Grandma probably did not do a lot of measuring.  We measure precisely.  Grandma was probably an expert in biscuit making without measuring, but soap making is an exact science.  Modern soap making techniques actually leave no trace of lye in the finished products.  Our soap is a gentle product quaranteed not to eat holes in your socks like Grandma's soap did. 

Q: Can I use this on my face? 
A: Yes. You can use it anywhere. And you should.  It is gentler than any grocery store soap. Lather up!

Q: Can your soap help my excema, psoriasis, or other skin condition?
A: Soap will not cure a skin condition.  Sensitive skin generally benifits from adequately moisturized skin though.  Skin moisturizing is our specialty!  Often a well made, moisturing soap (Like the ones we have at the Fethered Nest) will significantly improve skin conditions made worse by dry skin.  If you have VERY sensitive skin, try our Honey Oatmeal Goat's Milk Soap.  It's what we use for our kids with excema!

Q: You use essential oils and fragrance oils. What's the difference?
A: Essential Oils are completely derived from plant extracts.  We would consider these to be 100% natural.  Fragrance oils are man made, and while they often have essential oils as their base, these are not 100% natural.  We use both so you have a choice.  Some of our customers love Blueberry Soap or Bay Rum Soap, but those aren't anturally occuring scents.  Some of our customers prefer to use only products made by nature.  The 100% natural soaps are listed seperately in our online store.  Just a note here:  Essential oils do not always translates to gentle soaps.  In fact, some oils are natural irritants. If you have sensitive skin use the same caution you would with fragrance oils.

Q: What do you use to get those great colors?
A: Lot's of really cool things.  Pumpkin powder, kelp and alkanet root to name a few.  We also use micas (man made colors).  Just as with the scents, some colors just aren't naturally possilbe.  The bright vivid colors (think lime green and neon blue) are man made colors.  The rich earthy colors (think forest green and deep purple) are natural colors.  The Feathered Nest uses only natural colors when using esential oils so our customers know what choices they are making.

Q: Are your natural soaps organic?
A. Ummm...Organic is a tricky label.  When you say organic you probably mean without the use of pesticides, synthiszed fertilizers, or genetically alterd plants.  We just can't say that becasue we do no grow all the plants used in the making of our soap ingredients. Do you know that the USDA does not require a product to be 100% organic in order to have that label?  The health and beauty industry has even fewer regulations than the USDA. So, organic? Maybe not.  Made as naturally as possilbe with consistent and trusted suplliers? Yes!

Q: Do you use preservatives?
A: In 98% of our products no, but in our liquid lotion yes.  That should make you happy.  Any products, besides soap, that have water as an ingredient need a preservative.  Water introduces microbial growth (mold).  It is possible to make lotion without a preservative, but then it should be stored in the refrigerator and only has a shelf life of two weeks.  Natural preservatives like vitamin E do not prevent mold! The amount of preservative in our lotions is only 1% of the total volume, but it is enough to protect you.  As an alternative, our Solid Lotion Bars and our Honey Baby Bottom Balm do not have water and do not use a preservative.  They are both excellent moisturizers!