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HomeShopAbout UsExamination with a scanning laser ophthalmoscope (slo) was also performed during the preoperative and postoperative periods, and included assessment of the locus of fixation, screening for an absolute scotoma, and the line test—an improved version of the watzke test. 12 surgery was performed by two operators (ag and pm) according to a procedure described elsewhere. 11 briefly, standard central three port pars plana vitrectomy was performed. Then, for stage 3 macular holes, traction was exerted on the vitreous fibres around the disc, using an aspiration forceps to detach the weiss ring and posterior hyaloid. cheap viagra buy cheap viagra buy viagra online cheap generic viagra viagra online generic viagra for sale online viagra for sale cheap generic viagra viagra online cheap viagra 13 the hyaloid detachment was then extended outwards to the equator and the vitrectomy was completed, the vitreous being removed as far out towards the periphery as possible. For stage 4 macular holes, vitrectomy confirmed that the posterior hyaloid containing the weiss ring had indeed been detached from the retina. When the preoperative or peroperative examination disclosed the presence of an epiretinal membrane (erm) the edge of the membrane was lifted with a silicone tipped cannula by passive aspiration, and peeling was completed with an aspirating forceps. The erm surrounding the hole was usually soft and friable. In most cases, the erm adhered to the edges of the hole so only its periphery was detached, and most of it was left in place to avoid additional traction on the hole. No specific attempt was made to peel off the internal limiting membrane. Fluid-air exchange was performed, after which 0. 1 ml of an autologous platelet concentrate solution was injected over the posterior pole. A gas mixture (17% c2f6 and 83% air) was substituted for the air in the vitreous cavity. Patients remained face down as much as possible for 12 days. Anatomical success was defined as the reattachment of the edge of the hole to the retinal pigment epithelium. A complete postoperative examination was performed between 10 and 12 weeks after surgery, and before and after cataract surgery using the same procedure as preoperatively. Seventy two of 77 eyes operated were anatomical successes (93. 5%). Postoperatively, best corrected visual acuity was 20/50 or more in 72% of patients, compared with 5% preoperatively. Previous section next section results for the 72 successfully operated patients, the mean postoperative follow up period was 12. 3 months (range 3–58). Twenty two patients were followed for more than 18 months. Twenty five of the 71 successfully operated phakic. WholesaleWhy Natural Soap?RecipesFAQ

The Feathered Nest soaps reflects generations of family committed to a natural approach to life. Our products aren't meant to follow any fad,  but to make you feel good  and good about using them.  They are luxurious in their simplicity. 

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